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Title: Pin and roller attachment system for ceramic blades

In a turbine, a plurality of blades are attached to a turbine wheel by way of a plurality of joints which form a rolling contact between the blades and the turbine wheel. Each joint includes a pin and a pair of rollers to provide rolling contact between the pin and an adjacent pair of blades. Because of this rolling contact, high stress scuffing between the blades and the turbine wheel reduced, thereby inhibiting catastrophic failure of the blade joints.
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Solar Turbines Incorporated (San Diego, CA) CHO
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US 5435693
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Solar Turbines Inc
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United States
roller; attachment; ceramic; blades; turbine; plurality; attached; wheel; joints; form; rolling; contact; joint; pair; rollers; provide; adjacent; stress; scuffing; reduced; inhibiting; catastrophic; failure; blade; rolling contact; turbine wheel; ceramic blade; ceramic blades; adjacent pair; catastrophic failure; /416/