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Title: Electrodes and electrochemical storage cells utilizing tin-modified active materials

An electrode has a substrate and a finely divided active material on the substrate. The active material is ANi.sub.x-y-z Co.sub.y Sn.sub.z, wherein A is a mischmetal or La.sub.1-w M.sub.w, M is Ce, Nd, or Zr, w is from about 0.05 to about 1.0, x is from about 4.5 to about 5.5, y is from 0 to about 3.0, and z is from about 0.05 to about 0.5. An electrochemical storage cell utilizes such an electrode as the anode. The storage cell further has a cathode, a separator between the cathode and the anode, and an electrolyte.
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  1. (Lauderhill, FL)
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Hughes Aircraft Company (Los Angeles, CA); Texas A&M University System (College Station, TX); Regents of University of California (Oakland, CA); Associated Universities, Inc. (Upton, NY) LANL
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US 5434022
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Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Los Alamos, NM
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United States
electrodes; electrochemical; storage; cells; utilizing; tin-modified; active; materials; electrode; substrate; finely; divided; material; ani; x-y-z; z; mischmetal; 1-w; zr; 05; cell; utilizes; anode; cathode; separator; electrolyte; storage cells; cells utilizing; cell utilizes; electrochemical storage; active material; finely divided; storage cell; active materials; /429/420/