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Title: Direct-drive field actuator motors

A high-torque, low speed, positive-drive field actuator motor including a stator carrying at least one field actuator which changes in dimension responsive to application of an energy field, and at least one drive shoe movable by the dimensional changes of the field actuator to contact and move a rotor element with respect to the stator. Various embodiments of the motor are disclosed, and the rotor element may be moved linearly or arcuately.
  1. (Salt Lake City, UT)
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Bonneville Scientific Incorporated (Salt Lake City, UT) CHO
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US 5432395
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Bonneville Scientific, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT (United States)
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United States
direct-drive; field; actuator; motors; high-torque; speed; positive-drive; motor; including; stator; carrying; changes; dimension; responsive; application; energy; drive; shoe; movable; dimensional; contact; move; rotor; element; respect; various; embodiments; disclosed; moved; linearly; arcuately; rotor element; various embodiments; field actuator; dimensional changes; shoe movable; stator carrying; motor including; dimensional change; energy field; positive-drive field; actuator motor; actuator motors; drive shoe; dimension responsive; /310/