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Title: Low molecular weight thermostable .beta.-D-glucosidase from acidothermus cellulolyticus

A purified low molecular weight .beta.-D-glucosidase is produced from Acidothermus cellulolyticus ATCC 43068. The enzyme is water soluble, possesses activity against pNP-.beta.-D-glucopyranoside, has a high of degree of stability toward heat, exhibits optimal temperature activity at about C. at a pH range of from about 2 to about 7, has an inactivation temperature of about C. at a pH range of from about 2 to about 7 and has a molecular weight of about 50.5-54.5 kD as determineded by SDS-PAGE.
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Midwest Research Institute (Kansas City, MO) NREL
Patent Number(s):
US 5432075
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Midwest Research Institute
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United States
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