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Title: Thermal resilient multiple jaw braze fixture

A braze fixture has side walls forming a cavity with an opening to receive a stack of parts to be brazed. Sidewalls of the housing have a plurality of bearing receiving openings into which bearing rods or jaws are inserted to align the stacked elements of the workpiece. The housing can also have view ports to allow a visual check of the alignment. Straps or wires around the fixture are selected to have thermal characteristics similar to the thermal characteristics of the workpiece undergoing brazing. The straps or wires make physical contact with the bearing rods thereby causing bearing rods to maintain the workpiece in proper alignment throughout the entire brazing cycle.
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Ney, Robert (1716 Cypress Ave., Belleair, FL 34616);Perrone, Alex J. (3005 Fontanar St., Lutz, FL 33549) SNL
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US 5431331
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United States
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