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Title: Organic materials with nonlinear optical properties

The present invention is directed to organic materials that have the ability to double or triple the frequency of light that is directed through the materials. Particularly, the present invention is directed to the compound 4-[4-(2R)-2-cyano-7-(4'-pentyloxy-4-biphenylcarbonyloxy)phenylheptylidene) phenylcarbonyloxy]benzaldehyde, which can double the frequency of light that is directed through the compound. The invention is also directed to the compound (12-hydroxy-5,7-dodecadiynyl) 4'-[(4'-pentyloxy-4-biphenyl)carbonyloxy]-4-biphenylcarboxylate, and its polymeric form. The polymeric form can triple the frequency of light directed through it.
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Board of Trustees of Univ. of Illinois (Urbana, IL) CHO
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US 5412144
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University of Illinois
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United States
organic; materials; nonlinear; optical; properties; directed; ability; double; triple; frequency; light; particularly; compound; 4-; 2r; -2-cyano-7-; -pentyloxy-4-biphenylcarbonyloxy; phenylheptylidene; phenylcarbonyloxy; benzaldehyde; 12-hydroxy-5; 7-dodecadiynyl; -pentyloxy-4-biphenyl; carbonyloxy; -4-biphenylcarboxylate; polymeric; form; organic materials; nonlinear optical; organic material; optical properties; nonlinear optic; /999/359/526/