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Title: Ceramic-to-metal stator vane assembly with braze

A stator vane assembly for a gas turbine engine that includes a plurality of circumferentially spaced ceramic vanes, each of which has an inner and outer ceramic shroud, and a ceramic post extending from one of the shrouds, and a metallic platform having a plurality of circumferentially spaced recesses. The posts are inserted into a metallic sleeve and then brazed. The brazed sleeves are then mounted in the recesses. A method for assembling these components to form the stator assembly is also described.
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Allied-Signal Inc. (Morris Township, Morris County, NJ) OSTI
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US 5411368
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United States
ceramic-to-metal; stator; vane; assembly; braze; gas; turbine; engine; plurality; circumferentially; spaced; ceramic; vanes; inner; outer; shroud; post; extending; shrouds; metallic; platform; recesses; posts; inserted; sleeve; brazed; sleeves; mounted; method; assembling; components; form; described; circumferentially spaced; turbine engine; gas turbine; vane assembly; stator assembly; stator vane; ceramic vanes; outer ceramic; ceramic vane; /415/29/228/403/