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Title: Conveyor with rotary airlock apparatus

An apparatus for transferring objects from a first region to a second reg, the first and second regions having differing atmospheric environments. The apparatus includes a shell having an entrance and an exit, a conveyor belt running through the shell from the entrance to the exit, and a horizontally mounted "revolving door" with at least four vanes revolving about its axis. The inner surface of the shell and the top surface of the conveyor belt act as opposing walls of the "revolving door." The conveyor belt dips as it passes under but against the revolving vanes so as not to interfere with them but to engage at least two of the vanes and define thereby a moving chamber. Preferably, the conveyor belt has ridges or grooves on its surface that engage the edges of the vanes and act to rotate the vane assembly. Conduits are provided that communicate with the interior of the shell and allow the adjustment of the atmosphere of the moving chamber or recovery of constituents of the atmosphere of the first region from the moving chamber before they escape to the second region.
  1. (Aiken, SC)
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US 5405231
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conveyor; rotary; airlock; apparatus; transferring; region; reg; regions; differing; atmospheric; environments; shell; entrance; exit; belt; running; horizontally; mounted; revolving; door; vanes; axis; inner; surface; top; opposing; walls; dips; passes; interfere; engage; define; moving; chamber; preferably; ridges; grooves; edges; rotate; vane; assembly; conduits; provided; communicate; interior; allow; adjustment; atmosphere; recovery; constituents; escape; top surface; inner surface; vane assembly; conveyor belt; atmospheric environment; opposing wall; rotary airlock; horizontally mounted; /414/198/