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Title: Electric vehicle drive train with direct coupling transmission

An electric vehicle drive train includes an electric motor and an associated speed sensor, a transmission operable in a speed reduction mode or a direct coupled mode, and a controller responsive to the speed sensor for operating the transmission in the speed reduction mode when the motor is below a predetermined value, and for operating the motor in the direct coupled mode when the motor speed is above a predetermined value. The controller reduces the speed of the motor, such as by regeneratively braking the motor, when changing from the speed reduction mode to the direct coupled mode. The motor speed may be increased when changing from the direct coupled mode to the speed reduction mode. The transmission is preferably a single stage planetary gearbox.
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General Electric Company (Fairfield, CT) IDO
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US 5403244
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Ford Motor Co
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United States
electric; vehicle; drive; train; direct; coupling; transmission; motor; associated; speed; sensor; operable; reduction; mode; coupled; controller; responsive; operating; below; predetermined; value; reduces; regeneratively; braking; changing; increased; preferably; single; stage; planetary; gearbox; vehicle drive; direct coupled; speed sensor; speed reduction; electric vehicle; electric motor; predetermined value; single stage; planetary gear; motor speed; drive train; direct coupling; /477/180/