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Title: Apparatus for the separation of hydrophobic and hydrophilic particles using microbubble column flotation together with a process and apparatus for generation of microbubbles

An apparatus is disclosed for the microbubble flotation separation of very fine and coarse particles, especially coal, and minerals so as to produce high purity and high recovery efficiency. This is accomplished through the use of a flotation column, microbubbles, recycling of the flotation pulp, and countercurrent wash water to gently wash the froth. Also disclosed are unique processes and apparatus for generating microbubbles for flotation in a highly efficient and inexpensive manner using either a porous tube or in-line static generators.
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  1. (Blacksburg, VA)
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Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State U. (Blacksburg, VA); Virginia Tech Intellectual Property, Inc. (Blacksburg, VA) NETL
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US 5397001
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Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc. (Blacksburg, VA)
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United States
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