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Title: Monolithic multi-color light emission/detection device

A single-crystal, monolithic, tandem, multi-color optical transceiver device is described, including (a) an InP substrate having upper and lower surfaces, (b) a first junction on the upper surface of the InP substrate, (c) a second junction on the first junction. The first junction is preferably GaInAsP of defined composition, and the second junction is preferably InP. The two junctions are lattice matched. The second junction has a larger energy band gap than the first junction. Additional junctions having successively larger energy band gaps may be included. The device is capable of simultaneous and distinct multi-color emission and detection over a single optical fiber.
  1. (Golden, CO)
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Midwest Research Institute (Kansas City, MO) CHO
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US 5391896
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United States
monolithic; multi-color; light; emission; detection; device; single-crystal; tandem; optical; transceiver; described; including; inp; substrate; upper; surfaces; junction; surface; preferably; gainasp; defined; composition; junctions; lattice; matched; larger; energy; band; gap; additional; successively; gaps; included; capable; simultaneous; distinct; single; fiber; inp substrate; light emission; detection device; lattice matched; band gap; upper surface; optical fiber; single optical; energy band; defined composition; band gaps; single optic; /257/

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