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Title: Method and apparatus for the management of hazardous waste material

A container for storing hazardous waste material, particularly radioactive waste material, consists of a cylindrical body and lid of precipitation hardened C17510 beryllium-copper alloy, and a channel formed between the mated lid and body for receiving weld filler material of C17200 copper-beryllium alloy. The weld filler material has a precipitation hardening temperature lower than the aging kinetic temperature of the material of the body and lid, whereby the weld filler material is post weld heat treated for obtaining a weld having substantially the same physical, thermal, and electrical characteristics as the material of the body and lid. A mechanical seal assembly is located between an interior shoulder of the body and the bottom of the lid for providing a vacuum seal.
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Trustees of Princeton University (Princeton, NJ); British Technology Group USA (Gulph Mills, PA) PPPL
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US 5391887
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Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL), Princeton, NJ
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United States
method; apparatus; management; hazardous; waste; material; container; storing; particularly; radioactive; consists; cylindrical; lid; precipitation; hardened; c17510; beryllium-copper; alloy; channel; formed; mated; receiving; weld; filler; c17200; copper-beryllium; hardening; temperature; aging; kinetic; whereby; post; heat; treated; obtaining; substantially; physical; thermal; electrical; characteristics; mechanical; seal; assembly; located; interior; shoulder; bottom; providing; vacuum; precipitation hardening; channel formed; weld filler; filler material; seal assembly; hazardous waste; waste material; radioactive waste; heat treated; copper alloy; electrical characteristics; vacuum seal; mechanical seal; storing hazardous; kinetic temperature; electrical characteristic; /250/376/588/