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Title: Series interconnected photovoltaic cells and method for making same

A novel photovoltaic module (10) and method for constructing the same are disclosed. The module (10) includes a plurality of photovoltaic cells (12) formed on a substrate (14) and laterally separated by interconnection regions (15). Each cell (12) includes a bottom electrode (16), a photoactive layer (18) and a top electrode layer (20). Adjacent cells (12) are connected in electrical series by way of a conductive-buffer line (22). The buffer line (22) is also useful in protecting the bottom electrode (16) against severing during downstream layer cutting processes.
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  1. (El Paso, TX)
  2. (Littleton, CO)
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Photon Energy Inc. (Golden, CO) NREL
Patent Number(s):
US 5385614
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United States
series; interconnected; photovoltaic; cells; method; novel; module; 10; constructing; disclosed; plurality; 12; formed; substrate; 14; laterally; separated; interconnection; regions; 15; cell; bottom; electrode; 16; photoactive; layer; 18; top; 20; adjacent; connected; electrical; conductive-buffer; line; 22; buffer; useful; protecting; severing; downstream; cutting; processes; adjacent cells; photovoltaic module; photovoltaic cells; photovoltaic cell; active layer; adjacent cell; interconnected photovoltaic; bottom electrode; electrode layer; electrical series; top electrode; /136/438/

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