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Title: Fabric panel clean change-out frame

A fabric panel clean change-out frame, for use on a containment structure having rigid walls, is formed of a compression frame and a closure panel. The frame is formed of elongated spacers, each carrying a plurality of closely spaced flat springs, and each having a hooked lip extending on the side of the spring facing the spacer. The closure panel is includes a perimeter frame formed of flexible, wedge-shaped frame members that are receivable under the springs to deflect the hooked lips. A groove on the flexible frame members engages the hooked lips and locks the frame members in place under the springs. A flexible fabric panel is connected to the flexible frame members and closes its center.
  1. (1757 Dorset Ave., Pocatello, ID 83201)
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Brown; Ronald M. (1757 Dorset Ave., Pocatello, ID 83201) ANL
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US 5385194
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United States
fabric; panel; clean; change-out; frame; containment; structure; rigid; walls; formed; compression; closure; elongated; spacers; carrying; plurality; closely; spaced; flat; springs; hooked; lip; extending; spring; facing; spacer; perimeter; flexible; wedge-shaped; receivable; deflect; lips; groove; engages; locks; connected; closes; center; containment structure; closely spaced; perimeter frame; flexible frame; clean change-out; change-out frame; panel clean; fabric panel; /160/52/405/588/