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Title: Electromagnetic pump stator core

A stator core for supporting an electrical coil includes a plurality of groups of circumferentially abutting flat laminations which collectively form a bore and perimeter. A plurality of wedges are interposed between the groups, with each wedge having an inner edge and a thicker outer edge. The wedge outer edges abut adjacent ones of the groups to provide a continuous path around the perimeter.
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General Electric Company (San Jose, CA) OAK
Patent Number(s):
US 5382860
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General Electric Co
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United States
electromagnetic; pump; stator; core; supporting; electrical; coil; plurality; circumferentially; abutting; flat; laminations; collectively; form; bore; perimeter; wedges; interposed; wedge; inner; edge; thicker; outer; edges; abut; adjacent; ones; provide; continuous; path; adjacent ones; electromagnetic pump; stator core; outer edge; collectively form; pump stator; outer edges; inner edge; continuous path; circumferentially abutting; flat laminations; electrical coil; /310/