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Title: Cyano- and polycyanometallo-porphyrins as catalysts for alkane oxidation

New compositions of matter comprising cyano-substituted metal complexes of porphyrins are catalysts for the oxidation of alkanes. The metal is iron, chromium, manganese, ruthenium, copper or cobalt. The porphyrin ring has cyano groups attached thereto in meso and/or .beta.-pyrrolic positions.
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Sun Company, Inc. (R&M) (Philadelphia, PA) NETL
Patent Number(s):
US 5382662
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Research Org:
Sun Refining and Marketing Co., Marcus Hook, PA (United States)
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United States
cyano-; polycyanometallo-porphyrins; catalysts; alkane; oxidation; compositions; matter; comprising; cyano-substituted; metal; complexes; porphyrins; alkanes; iron; chromium; manganese; ruthenium; copper; cobalt; porphyrin; cyano; attached; thereto; meso; beta; -pyrrolic; positions; alkane oxidation; matter comprising; attached thereto; metal complexes; metal complex; -pyrrolic positions; comprising cyano-substituted; cyano-substituted metal; /999/