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Title: Method and apparatus for production of subsea hydrocarbon formations

A system for controlling, separating, processing and exporting well fluids produced from subsea hydrocarbon formations is disclosed. The subsea well tender system includes a surface buoy supporting one or more decks above the water surface for accommodating equipment to process oil, gas and water recovered from the subsea hydrocarbon formation. The surface buoy includes a surface-piercing central flotation column connected to one or more external floatation tanks located below the water surface. The surface buoy is secured to the seabed by one or more tendons which are anchored to a foundation with piles imbedded in the seabed. The system accommodates multiple versions on the surface buoy configuration.
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Blandford, Joseph W. (15 Mott La., Houston, TX 77024) CHO
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US 5381865
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Atlantia Energy Corp., Houston, TX (United States)
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United States
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