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Title: Flat or curved thin optical display panel

An optical panel 10 includes a plurality of waveguides 12 stacked together, with each waveguide 12 having a first end 12a and an opposite second end 12b. The first ends 12a collectively define a first face 16, and the second ends 12b collectively define a second face 18 of the panel 10. The second face 18 is disposed at an acute face angle relative to the waveguides 12 to provide a panel 10 which is relatively thin compared to the height of the second face. In an exemplary embodiment for use in a projection TV, the first face 16 is substantially smaller in height than the second face 18 and receives a TV image, with the second face 18 defining a screen for viewing the image enlarged.
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US 5381502
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flat; curved; optical; display; panel; 10; plurality; waveguides; 12; stacked; waveguide; 12a; opposite; 12b; collectively; define; 16; 18; disposed; acute; angle; relative; provide; relatively; compared; height; exemplary; embodiment; projection; tv; substantially; receives; image; defining; screen; viewing; enlarged; angle relative; optical display; optical panel; collectively define; display panel; /385/348/