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Title: Method for simultaneous use of a single additive for coal flotation, dewatering, and reconstitution

A single dose of additive contributes to three consecutive fine coal unit operations, i.e., flotation, dewatering and reconstitution, whereby the fine coal is first combined with water in a predetermined proportion so as to formulate a slurry. The slurry is then mixed with a heavy hydrocarbon-based emulsion in a second predetermined proportion and at a first predetermined mixing speed and for a predetermined period of time. The conditioned slurry is then cleaned by a froth flotation method to form a clean coal froth and then the froth is dewatered by vacuum filtration or a centrifugation process to form reconstituted products that are dried to dust-less clumps prior to combustion.
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  1. (Murrysville, PA)
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United States of America as represented by United States (Washington, DC) OSTI
Patent Number(s):
US 5379902
Research Org:
Pittsburgh Energy Technology Center
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United States
method; simultaneous; single; additive; coal; flotation; dewatering; reconstitution; dose; contributes; consecutive; fine; unit; operations; whereby; combined; water; predetermined; proportion; formulate; slurry; mixed; heavy; hydrocarbon-based; emulsion; mixing; speed; period; time; conditioned; cleaned; froth; form; clean; dewatered; vacuum; filtration; centrifugation; process; reconstituted; products; dried; dust-less; clumps; prior; combustion; predetermined period; unit operations; predetermined proportion; froth flotation; fine coal; heavy hydrocarbon; unit operation; clean coal; coal flotation; flotation method; /209/210/252/