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Title: Method for directional hydraulic fracturing

A method for directional hydraulic fracturing using borehole seals to confine pressurized fluid in planar permeable regions, comprising: placing a sealant in the hole of a structure selected from geologic or cemented formations to fill the space between a permeable planar component and the geologic or cemented formation in the vicinity of the permeable planar component; making a hydraulic connection between the permeable planar component and a pump; permitting the sealant to cure and thereby provide both mechanical and hydraulic confinement to the permeable planar component; and pumping a fluid from the pump into the permeable planar component to internally pressurize the permeable planar component to initiate a fracture in the formation, the fracture being disposed in the same orientation as the permeable planar component.
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United States of America as represented by Secretary of (Washington, DC) NETL
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US 5372195
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National Energy Technology Laboratory, Pittsburgh, PA, and Morgantown, WV
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United States
method; directional; hydraulic; fracturing; borehole; seals; confine; pressurized; fluid; planar; permeable; regions; comprising; placing; sealant; structure; selected; geologic; cemented; formations; fill; space; component; formation; vicinity; connection; pump; permitting; cure; provide; mechanical; confinement; pumping; internally; pressurize; initiate; fracture; disposed; orientation; pressurized fluid; hydraulic fracturing; directional hydraulic; /166/299/