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Title: Dual porosity gas evolving electrode

A dual porosity electrode for use in thermoelectrochemical systems where simultaneous transport of gas and liquid into and/or out of the electrode is required. The electrode includes catalytic electrode particles having diameters ranging from about 25 to 100 angstroms. The catalytic electrode particles are anchored to a support network in clusters which have internal pores ranging in size from 25 to 100 angstroms. The pores between the clusters range in size from between about 1 to 20 microns. A method for making the dual porosity electrodes is also disclosed.
  1. (Los Angeles, CA)
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Hughes Aircraft Company (Los Angeles, CA) CHO
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US 5364712
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Delco Remy
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United States
dual; porosity; gas; evolving; electrode; thermoelectrochemical; systems; simultaneous; transport; liquid; required; catalytic; particles; diameters; ranging; 25; 100; angstroms; anchored; support; network; clusters; internal; pores; size; range; 20; microns; method; electrodes; disclosed; electrode particles; dual porosity; electrochemical systems; catalytic electrode; diameters ranging; internal pores; gas evolving; porosity electrode; /429/502/