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Title: Alarm acknowledgement in a nuclear plant control room

Alarm acknowledgment can be made not only at the alarm tile array of a given console but via other touch sensitive alarm indications in the screen displays of the monitoring system at the same or other consoles; also, touching one tile can acknowledge multiple alarm sources.
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  1. (Windsor, CT)
  2. (North Canton, CT)
  3. (Vernon, CT)
  4. (Enfield, CT)
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Combustion Engineering, Inc. (Windsor, CT) OSTI
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US 5353316
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United States
alarm; acknowledgement; nuclear; plant; control; acknowledgment; tile; array; console; via; touch; sensitive; indications; screen; displays; monitoring; consoles; touching; acknowledge; multiple; sources; plant control; nuclear plant; alarm tile; touch sensitive; tile array; alarm indications; alarm indication; /376/340/700/