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Title: Power line detection system

A short-range, radio frequency (RF) transmitting-receiving system that provides both visual and audio warnings to the pilot of a helicopter or light aircraft of an up-coming power transmission line complex. Small, milliwatt-level narrowband transmitters, powered by the transmission line itself, are installed on top of selected transmission line support towers or within existing warning balls, and provide a continuous RF signal to approaching aircraft. The on-board receiver can be either a separate unit or a portion of the existing avionics, and can also share an existing antenna with another airborne system. Upon receipt of a warning signal, the receiver will trigger a visual and an audio alarm to alert the pilot to the potential power line hazard.
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  1. (Tracy, CA)
Issue Date:
OSTI Identifier:
Regents of University of California (Oakland, CA) LLNL
Patent Number(s):
US 5351032
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Research Org:
Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)
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United States
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