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Title: Process for converting heavy oil deposited on coal to distillable oil in a low severity process

A process for removing oil from coal fines that have been agglomerated or blended with heavy oil comprises the steps of heating the coal fines to temperatures over C. up to C. in an inert atmosphere, such as steam or nitrogen, to convert some of the heavy oil to lighter, and distilling and collecting the lighter oils. The pressure at which the process is carried out can be from atmospheric to 100 atmospheres. A hydrogen donor can be added to the oil prior to deposition on the coal surface to increase the yield of distillable oil.
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Ignasiak, Teresa (417 Heffernan Drive, Edmonton, Alberta, CA);Strausz, Otto (13119 Grand View Drive, Edmonton, Alberta, CA);Ignasiak, Boleslaw (417 heffernan Drive, Edmonton, Alberta, CA);Janiak, Jerzy (17820 - 76 Ave., Edmonton, Alberta, CA);Pawlak, Wanda (3046 - 11465 - 41 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, CA);Szymocha, Kazimierz (3125 - 109 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, CA);Turak, Ali A. (Edmonton, CA) NETL
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US 5338322
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Electric Power Research Institute, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA)
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United States
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