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Title: Non-linear optical crystal vibration sensing device

A non-linear optical crystal vibration sensing device (10) including a photorefractive crystal (26) and a laser (12). The laser (12 ) produces a coherent light beam (14) which is split by a beam splitter (18) into a first laser beam (20) and a second laser beam (22). After passing through the crystal (26) the first laser beam (20) is counter-propagated back upon itself by a retro-mirror (32), creating a third laser beam (30). The laser beams (20, 22, 30) are modulated, due to the mixing effect within the crystal (26) by vibration of the crystal (30). In the third laser beam (30), modulation is stable and such modulation is converted by a photodetector (34) into a usable electrical output, intensity modulated in accordance with vibration applied to the crystal (26).
  1. (Livermore, CA)
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United States of America as represented by Department of Energy (Washington, DC) OAK
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US 5335548
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University of California; Michael J Hughes
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United States
non-linear; optical; crystal; vibration; sensing; device; 10; including; photorefractive; 26; laser; 12; produces; coherent; light; beam; 14; split; splitter; 18; 20; 22; passing; counter-propagated; retro-mirror; 32; creating; third; 30; beams; modulated; due; mixing; effect; modulation; stable; converted; photodetector; 34; usable; electrical; output; intensity; accordance; applied; non-linear optical; intensity modulated; laser beams; beam splitter; laser beam; light beam; sensing device; electrical output; coherent light; vibration sensing; optical crystal; photorefractive crystal; crystal vibration; /73/356/359/