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Title: Long duration ash probe

A long duration ash probe includes a pressure shell connected to a port in a combustor with a sample coupon mounted on a retractable carriage so as to retract the sample coupon within the pressure shell during sootblowing operation of the combustor. A valve mounted at the forward end of the pressure shell is selectively closeable to seal the sample coupon within the shell, and a heating element in the shell is operable to maintain the desired temperature of the sample coupon while retracted within the shell. The carriage is operably mounted on a pair of rails within the shell for longitudinal movement within the shell. A hollow carrier tube connects the hollow cylindrical sample coupon to the carriage, and extends through the carriage and out the rearward end thereof. Air lines are connected to the rearward end of the carrier tube and are operable to permit coolant to pass through the air lines and thence through the carrier tube to the sample coupon so as to cool the sample coupon.
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  1. (Grand Forks, ND)
  2. (Grand Forks, MN)
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OSTI Identifier:
Energy & Environmental Research Center Foundation (Grand Forks, ND) NETL
Patent Number(s):
US 5331846
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Research Org:
University of North Dakota
Country of Publication:
United States
duration; ash; probe; pressure; shell; connected; combustor; sample; coupon; mounted; retractable; carriage; retract; sootblowing; operation; valve; forward; selectively; closeable; seal; heating; element; operable; maintain; desired; temperature; retracted; operably; pair; rails; longitudinal; movement; hollow; carrier; tube; connects; cylindrical; extends; rearward; air; lines; permit; coolant; pass; thence; cool; sample coupon; hollow cylindrical; heating element; desired temperature; valve mounted; pressure shell; longitudinal movement; shell connected; ash probe; duration ash; /73/