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Title: Nuclear reactor reflector

A nuclear reactor reflector is disclosed that comprises a stack of reflector blocks with vertical water flow passages to cool the reflector. The interface between blocks is opposite support points for reactor fuel rods. Water flows between the reflector and the reactor barrel from passages in a bottom block. The top block contains a flange to limit this flow and the flange has a slot to receive an alignment pin that is welded to the barrel. The pin is held in the slot by two removable shims. Alignment bars extend the length of the stack in slots machined in each block when the stack is assembled.
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Westinghouse Electric Corp. (Pittsburgh, PA) OAK
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US 5319692
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Westinghouse Electric Corp
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United States
nuclear; reactor; reflector; disclosed; comprises; stack; blocks; vertical; water; flow; passages; cool; interface; opposite; support; fuel; rods; flows; barrel; bottom; block; top; contains; flange; limit; slot; receive; alignment; welded; held; removable; shims; bars; extend; length; slots; machined; assembled; water flows; water flow; flow passage; fuel rods; nuclear reactor; reactor fuel; fuel rod; flow passages; bottom block; reactor reflector; reflector blocks; /376/