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Title: Infectious waste feed system

An infectious waste feed system for comminuting infectious waste and feeding the comminuted waste to a combustor automatically without the need for human intervention. The system includes a receptacle for accepting waste materials. Preferably, the receptacle includes a first and second compartment and a means for sealing the first and second compartments from the atmosphere. A shredder is disposed to comminute waste materials accepted in the receptacle to a predetermined size. A trough is disposed to receive the comminuted waste materials from the shredder. A feeding means is disposed within the trough and is movable in a first and second direction for feeding the comminuted waste materials to a combustor.
  1. (York, PA)
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Donlee Technologies, Inc. (York, PA) NETL
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US 5314127
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Good Samaritan Hospital
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United States
infectious; waste; feed; comminuting; feeding; comminuted; combustor; automatically; human; intervention; receptacle; accepting; materials; preferably; compartment; means; sealing; compartments; atmosphere; shredder; disposed; comminute; accepted; predetermined; size; trough; receive; movable; direction; predetermined size; waste feed; waste material; waste materials; feeding means; infectious waste; human intervention; /241/110/