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Title: Coal slurry fuel supply and purge system

A coal slurry fuel supply and purge system for a locomotive engines is disclosed which includes a slurry recirculation path, a stand-by path for circulating slurry during idle or states of the engine when slurry fuel in not required by the engine, and an engine header fluid path connected to the stand-by path, for supplying and purging slurry fuel to and from fuel injectors. A controller controls the actuation of valves to facilitate supply and purge of slurry to and from the fuel injectors. A method for supplying and purging coal slurry in a compression ignition engine is disclosed which includes controlling fluid flow devices and valves in a plurality of fluid paths to facilitate continuous slurry recirculation and supply and purge of or slurry based on the operating state of the engine.
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General Electric Company (Erie, PA) NETL
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US 5313915
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United States
coal; slurry; fuel; supply; purge; locomotive; engines; disclosed; recirculation; path; stand-by; circulating; idle; engine; required; header; fluid; connected; supplying; purging; injectors; controller; controls; actuation; valves; facilitate; method; compression; ignition; controlling; flow; devices; plurality; paths; continuous; based; operating; fuel supply; fuel injector; fluid flow; coal slurry; slurry fuel; compression ignition; fuel injectors; flow devices; controlling fluid; controller controls; ignition engine; circulation path; /123/