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Title: System and method for non-destructive evaluation of surface characteristics of a magnetic material

A system and a related method for non-destructive evaluation of the surface characteristics of a magnetic material. The sample is excited by an alternating magnetic field. The field frequency, amplitude and offset are controlled according to a predetermined protocol. The Barkhausen response of the sample is detected for the various fields and offsets and is analyzed. The system produces information relating to the frequency content, the amplitude content, the average or RMS energy content, as well as count rate information, for each of the Barkhausen responses at each of the excitation levels applied during the protocol. That information provides a contiguous body of data, heretofore unavailable, which can be analyzed to deduce information about the surface characteristics of the material at various depths below the surface.
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Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc. (Ames, IA) AMES
Patent Number(s):
US 5313405
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Ames Laboratory (AMES), Ames, IA; Iowa State University, Ames, IA (US)
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United States
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