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Title: Method for coal liquefaction

A process is disclosed for coal liquefaction in which minute particles of coal in intimate contact with a hydrogenation catalyst and hydrogen arc reacted for a very short time at a temperature in excess of C. at a pressure of at least 1500 psi to yield over 50% liquids with a liquid to gaseous hydrocarbon ratio in excess of 8:1.
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University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT) NETL
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US 5308477
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University of Utah
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United States
method; coal; liquefaction; process; disclosed; minute; particles; intimate; contact; hydrogenation; catalyst; hydrogen; reacted; time; temperature; excess; 400; degree; pressure; 1500; psi; yield; 50; liquids; liquid; gaseous; hydrocarbon; ratio; gaseous hydrocarbon; hydrogenation catalyst; coal liquefaction; intimate contact; /208/