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Title: Method and apparatus for data sampling

A method and apparatus for sampling radiation detector outputs and determining event data from the collected samples. The method uses high speed sampling of the detector output, the conversion of the samples to digital values, and the discrimination of the digital values so that digital values representing detected events are determined. The high speed sampling and digital conversion is performed by an A/D sampler that samples the detector output at a rate high enough to produce numerous digital samples for each detected event. The digital discrimination identifies those digital samples that are not representative of detected events. The sampling and discrimination also provides for temporary or permanent storage, either serially or in parallel, to a digital storage medium.
  1. (Aiken, SC)
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US 5304808
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United States
method; apparatus; data; sampling; radiation; detector; outputs; determining; event; collected; samples; speed; output; conversion; digital; values; discrimination; representing; detected; events; determined; performed; sampler; rate; produce; numerous; identifies; representative; provides; temporary; permanent; storage; serially; parallel; medium; detector output; digital values; radiation detector; storage medium; speed sampling; permanent storage; detected event; detected events; detector outputs; values representing; digital value; /250/