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Title: Methods of and apparatus for recording images occurring just prior to a rapid, random event

An apparatus and a method are disclosed for recording images of events in a medium wherein the images that are recorded are of conditions existing just prior to and during the occurrence of an event that triggers recording of these images. The apparatus and method use an optical delay path that employs a spherical focusing mirror facing a circular array of flat return mirrors around a central flat mirror. The image is reflected in a symmetric pattern which balances astigmatism which is created by the spherical mirror. Delays on the order of hundreds of nanoseconds are possible.
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US 5300955
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methods; apparatus; recording; images; occurring; prior; rapid; random; event; method; disclosed; events; medium; recorded; conditions; existing; occurrence; triggers; optical; delay; path; employs; spherical; focusing; mirror; facing; circular; array; flat; return; mirrors; central; image; reflected; symmetric; pattern; balances; astigmatism; created; delays; hundreds; nanoseconds; focusing mirror; flat mirror; spherical mirror; optical delay; recording images; mirror facing; circular array; delay path; conditions existing; /346/359/