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Title: Modular, multi-level groundwater sampler

Apparatus for taking a multiple of samples of groundwater or pressure measurements from a well simultaneously. The apparatus comprises a series of chambers arranged in an axial array, each of which is dimensioned to fit into a perforated well casing and leave a small gap between the well casing and the exterior of the chamber. Seals at each end of the container define the limits to the axial portion of the well to be sampled. A submersible pump in each chamber pumps the groundwater that passes through the well casing perforations into the gap from the gap to the surface for analysis. The power lines and hoses for the chambers farther down the array pass through each chamber above them in the array. The seals are solid, water-proof, non-reactive, resilient disks supported to engage the inside surface of the well casing. Because of the modular design, the apparatus provides flexibility for use in a variety of well configurations.
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  1. (812 Plantation Point Dr., N. Augusta, SC 29841)
  2. (4204 Havana Ct., Columbia, SC 29206)
  3. (10 Cardross La., Columbia, SC 29209)
  4. (12 Martha Ct., Sumter, SC 29150)
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Nichols, Ralph L. (812 Plantation Point Dr., N. Augusta, SC 29841);Widdowson, Mark A. (4204 Havana Ct., Columbia, SC 29206);Mullinex, Harry (10 Cardross La., Columbia, SC 29209);Orne, William H. (12 Martha Ct., Sumter, SC 29150);Looney, Brian B. (1135 Ridgemont Dr., Aiken, SC 29803) SRS
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US 5293931
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United States
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