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Title: Device for controlling the pouring of molten materials

A device for controlling the pouring of a molten material from a crucible or other container. The device (10) includes an annular retainer ring (12) for mounting in the drain opening in the bottom of a conventional crucible (16), the retainer ring defining a opening (14) therethrough. The device (10) also includes a plug member (22) having an annular forward end portion (24) for force-fit reception in the opening (14) of the retainer ring (12) to selectively seal the opening (14) and for being selectively forced through the opening (14). The plug member (22) has a rear end portion (26) for being positioned within the crucible (16), the rear end portion (26) including stop means for prohibiting the rear end portion from passing through the opening (14) in the retainer ring (12) when the forward end portion (24) is selectively forced through the opening. The plug member (22) defines at least one, and preferably a plurality of flutes (32), each extending from a point rearward the annular forward end portion (24) of the plug member (22), and forward the stop means, to a point rearward of the stop means. The flutes (32) permit fluid communication between the interior and exteriormore » of the crucible (16) when the forward end portion (24) of the plug member (22) is forced through the opening (14) in the retaining ring (12) such that the molten material is allowed to flow from the crucible (16).« less
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Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc. (Oak Ridge, TN) ORNL
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US 5286009
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United States
device; controlling; pouring; molten; materials; material; crucible; container; 10; annular; retainer; 12; mounting; drain; bottom; conventional; 16; defining; 14; therethrough; plug; 22; forward; portion; 24; force-fit; reception; selectively; seal; forced; rear; 26; positioned; including; stop; means; prohibiting; passing; defines; preferably; plurality; flutes; 32; extending; rearward; permit; fluid; communication; interior; exterior; retaining; allowed; flow; molten materials; stop means; fluid communication; molten material; selectively seal; /266/222/