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Title: Pulsed atmospheric fluidized bed combustor apparatus

A pulsed atmospheric fluidized bed reactor system is disclosed and claimed along with a process for utilization of same for the combustion of, e.g. high sulfur content coal. The system affords a economical, ecologically acceptable alternative to oil and gas fired combustors. The apparatus may also be employed for endothermic reaction, combustion of waste products, e.g., organic and medical waste, drying materials, heating air, calcining and the like.
  1. (Columbia, MD)
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Manufacturing and Technology Conversion International, Inc. (MD) OSTI
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US 5255634
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United States
pulsed; atmospheric; fluidized; bed; combustor; apparatus; reactor; disclosed; claimed; process; utilization; combustion; sulfur; content; coal; affords; economical; ecologically; acceptable; alternative; oil; gas; fired; combustors; employed; endothermic; reaction; waste; products; organic; medical; drying; materials; heating; air; calcining; waste product; endothermic reaction; sulfur content; bed reactor; fluidized bed; bed combustor; waste products; medical waste; pulsed atmospheric; gas fired; atmospheric fluidized; combustor apparatus; heating air; fired combustors; content coal; /122/431/