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Title: Apparatus and method for measuring and imaging surface resistance

Apparatus and method for determining and imaging superconductor surface resistance. The apparatus comprises modified Gaussian confocal resonator structure with the sample remote from the radiating mirror. Surface resistance is determined by analyzing and imaging reflected microwaves; imaging reveals anomalies due to surface impurities, non-stoichiometry, and the like, in the surface of the superconductor.
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United States of America as represented by United States (Washington, DC) SNL
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US 5239269
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United States
apparatus; method; measuring; imaging; surface; resistance; determining; superconductor; comprises; modified; gaussian; confocal; resonator; structure; sample; remote; radiating; mirror; determined; analyzing; reflected; microwaves; reveals; anomalies; due; impurities; non-stoichiometry; surface resistance; apparatus comprises; apparatus comprise; resonator structure; surface impurities; imaging surface; sample remote; reflected microwave; confocal resonator; /324/