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Title: NO.sub.x reduction by sulfur tolerant coronal-catalytic apparatus and method

This invention presents an NO.sub.x environment effective reduction apparatus comprising a sulfur tolerant coronal-catalyst such as high dielectric coronal-catalysts like glass wool, ceramic-glass wool or zirconium glass wool and method of use. In one embodiment the invention comprises an NO.sub.x reduction apparatus of sulfur tolerant coronal-catalyst adapted and configured for hypercritical presentation to an NO.sub.x bearing gas stream at a minimum of at least about 75 watts/cubic meter.
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  1. (Durham, NH)
  2. (Kingston, NH)
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  4. (Waltham, MA)
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Tecogen, Inc. (Waltham, MA) NETL
Patent Number(s):
US 5147516
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Research Org:
University of New Hampshire
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United States
reduction; sulfur; tolerant; coronal-catalytic; apparatus; method; environment; effective; comprising; coronal-catalyst; dielectric; coronal-catalysts; glass; wool; ceramic-glass; zirconium; embodiment; comprises; adapted; configured; hypercritical; presentation; bearing; gas; stream; minimum; 75; watts; cubic; meter; gas stream; apparatus comprising; sulfur tolerant; bearing gas; reduction apparatus; glass wool; tolerant coronal-catalyst; cubic meter; tolerant coronal-catalytic; environment effective; dielectric coronal-catalysts; effective reduction; coronal-catalytic apparatus; /204/