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Title: Slag processing system for direct coal-fired gas turbines

Direct coal-fired gas turbine systems and methods for their operation are provided by this invention. The systems include a primary combustion compartment coupled to an impact separator for removing molten slag from hot combustion gases. Quenching means are provided for solidifying the molten slag removed by the impact separator, and processing means are provided forming a slurry from the solidified slag for facilitating removal of the solidified slag from the system. The released hot combustion gases, substantially free of molten slag, are then ducted to a lean combustion compartment and then to an expander section of a gas turbine.
  1. (Winter Springs, FL)
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United States of America as represented by United States (Washington, DC) OSTI
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US 4960056
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United States
slag; processing; direct; coal-fired; gas; turbines; turbine; systems; methods; operation; provided; primary; combustion; compartment; coupled; impact; separator; removing; molten; hot; gases; quenching; means; solidifying; removed; forming; slurry; solidified; facilitating; removal; released; substantially; free; ducted; lean; expander; section; coal-fired gas; lean combustion; solidified slag; turbine systems; molten slag; hot combustion; primary combustion; substantially free; gas turbine; combustion gases; combustion gas; gas turbines; processing means; direct coal-fired; removing molten; slag processing; impact separator; /110/60/

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