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Title: Method for producing ceramic composition having low friction coefficient at high operating temperatures

A method for producing a stable ceramic composition having a surface with a low friction coefficient and high wear resistance at high operating temperatures. A first deposition of a thin film of a metal ion is made upon the surface of the ceramic composition and then a first ion implantation of at least a portion of the metal ion is made into the near surface region of the composition. The implantation mixes the metal ion and the ceramic composition to form a near surface composite. The near surface composite is then oxidized sufficiently at high oxidizing temperatures to form an oxide gradient layer in the surface of the ceramic composition.
  1. (San Antonio, TX)
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Southwest Research Institute (San Antonio, TX) OSTI
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US 4775548
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United States
method; producing; ceramic; composition; friction; coefficient; operating; temperatures; stable; surface; wear; resistance; deposition; film; metal; implantation; portion; near; region; mixes; form; composite; oxidized; sufficiently; oxidizing; oxide; gradient; layer; surface region; near surface; ceramic composition; operating temperature; operating temperatures; wear resistance; friction coefficient; producing ceramic; /427/