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Title: Electrical power inverter having a phase modulated, twin-inverter, high frequency link and an energy storage module

The present invention provides an electrical power inverter method and apparatus, which includes a high frequency link, for converting DC power into AC power. Generally stated, the apparatus includes a first high frequency module which produces an AC voltage at a first output frequency, and a second high frequency inverter module which produces an AC voltage at a second output frequency that is substantially the same as the first output frequency. The second AC voltage is out of phase with the first AC voltage by a selected angular phase displacement. A mixer mixes the first and second output voltages to produce a high frequency carrier which has a selected base frequency impressed on the sidebands thereof. A rectifier rectifies the carrier, and a filter filters the rectified carrier. An output inverter inverts the filtered carrier to produce an AC line voltage at the selected base frequency. A phase modulator adjusts the relative angular phase displacement between the outputs of the first and second high frequency modules to control the base frequency and magnitude of the AC line voltage.
  1. (Whippany, NJ)
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OSTI Identifier:
Allied Corporation (Morris Township, Morris County, NJ) HQPR
Patent Number(s):
US 4641232
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Magna-Power Electronics
Country of Publication:
United States
electrical; power; inverter; phase; modulated; twin-inverter; frequency; link; energy; storage; module; provides; method; apparatus; converting; dc; stated; produces; voltage; output; substantially; selected; angular; displacement; mixer; mixes; voltages; produce; carrier; base; impressed; sidebands; rectifier; rectifies; filter; filters; rectified; inverts; filtered; line; modulator; adjusts; relative; outputs; modules; control; magnitude; phase modulated; output voltages; output frequency; storage module; frequency carrier; line voltage; output voltage; dc power; electrical power; energy storage; mixer mixes; phase displacement; phase modulator; selected base; frequency link; phase modulate; power inverter; /363/

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