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Title: Method and apparatus for laying wire arrays

Wire arrays (11) having a continuous wire (12) which is formed into a predetermined pattern and adhered to a backing material or substrate (13) are fabricated by applying adhesive material (16a, 16b) along opposite edge portions (17, 18) of the substrate, positioning a row of winding spools (21) along each of the edge portions and repeatedly extending the wire between and around successive spools at the opposite edge portions. The wound wire is then traveled along each spool toward the substrate and into contact with the adhesive. The spools are then removed and a coating of hardenable material (54) is applied to secure the wound wire to the substrate. Tension in the wire is relieved prior to contact of the wire with the adhesive and a small amount of slack is introduced into the wire before the final coating step. Mechanism (32) is provided for lifting the spools away from the substrate without disturbing the wound wire. The method and apparatus enable manufacture of precisely configured wire arrays without complex or costly equipment and do not require structural alterations in the substrate for the purpose of accommodating to fabrication equipment.
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  1. (6525 Swainland Dr., Oakland, CA 94611)
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Horowitz, Seymour M. (6525 Swainland Dr., Oakland, CA 94611);Nesbitt, Dale D. (1712 Marin Ave., Berkeley, CA 94707) LBNL
Patent Number(s):
US 4588462
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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Berkeley, CA
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United States
method; apparatus; laying; wire; arrays; 11; continuous; 12; formed; predetermined; pattern; adhered; material; substrate; 13; fabricated; applying; adhesive; 16a; 16b; opposite; edge; portions; 17; 18; positioning; row; winding; spools; 21; repeatedly; extending; successive; wound; traveled; spool; contact; removed; coating; hardenable; 54; applied; secure; tension; relieved; prior; amount; slack; introduced; final; step; mechanism; 32; provided; lifting; disturbing; enable; manufacture; precisely; configured; complex; costly; equipment; require; structural; alterations; purpose; accommodating; fabrication; edge portions; adhesive material; wire arrays; edge portion; predetermined pattern; opposite edge; wire array; precisely configured; /156/