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Title: Process for detoxifying coal tars

A process for treating liquid hydrocarbons to remove toxic, mutagenic and/or carcinogenic aromatic hydrocarbons comprises feeding the hydrocarbons into a reactor where vapors are thermally treated in contact with a catalyst consisting essentially of calcium oxide or a calcium oxide containing mineral. Thermally treating liquid hydrocarbons in contact with calcium oxide preferentially increases the cracking of aromatics thus producing a product having a reduced amount of aromatic compounds.
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA) NETL
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US 4409094
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United States
process; detoxifying; coal; tars; treating; liquid; hydrocarbons; remove; toxic; mutagenic; carcinogenic; aromatic; comprises; feeding; reactor; vapors; thermally; treated; contact; catalyst; consisting; essentially; calcium; oxide; containing; mineral; preferentially; increases; cracking; aromatics; producing; product; reduced; amount; compounds; aromatic compound; aromatic hydrocarbons; oxide containing; liquid hydrocarbon; liquid hydrocarbons; aromatic compounds; calcium oxide; consisting essentially; aromatic hydrocarbon; thermally treating; comprises feeding; catalyst consisting; treating liquid; coal tar; reduced amount; catalyst consist; coal tars; thermally treated; /208/201/423/585/

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