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Title: Method of fabricating a solar cell array

A first set of pre-tabbed solar cells are assembled in a predetermined array with at least part of each tab facing upward, each tab being fixed to a bonding pad on one cell and abutting a bonding pad on an adjacent cell. The cells are held in place with a first vacuum support. The array is then inverted onto a second vacuum support which holds the tabs firmly against the cell pads they abut. The cells are exposed to radiation to melt and reflow the solder pads for bonding the tab portions not already fixed to bonding pads to these pads.
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United States of America as represented by United States (Washington, DC) OSTI
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US 4364508
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NAS-7-100; JPL-954868
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United States
method; fabricating; solar; cell; array; set; pre-tabbed; cells; assembled; predetermined; tab; facing; upward; fixed; bonding; pad; abutting; adjacent; held; vacuum; support; inverted; holds; tabs; firmly; pads; abut; exposed; radiation; melt; reflow; solder; portions; solar cell; solar cells; adjacent cell; cell array; predetermined array; bonding pad; /228/29/136/438/