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Title: Fluidized bed heat exchanger with water cooled air distributor and dust hopper

A fluidized bed heat exchanger is provided in which air is passed through a bed of particulate material containing fuel. A steam-water natural circulation system is provided for heat exchange and the housing of the heat exchanger has a water-wall type construction. Vertical in-bed heat exchange tubes are provided and the air distributor is water-cooled. A water-cooled dust hopper is provided in the housing to collect particulates from the combustion gases and separate the combustion zone from a volume within said housing in which convection heat exchange tubes are provided to extract heat from the exiting combustion gases.
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  1. (Westport, CT)
  2. (Mamaroneck, NY)
  3. (Bethel, CT)
  4. (Williamsport, PA)
  5. (Montgomery, PA)
  6. (Loganton, PA)
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Dorr-Oliver Incorporated (Stamford, CT) NREL
Patent Number(s):
US 4301771
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Dorr-Oliver, Inc
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United States
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