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Title: Thin film photovoltaic cells having increased durability and operating life and method for making same

A solar cell having a copper-bearing absorber is provided with a composite transparent encapsulating layer specifically designed to prevent oxidation of the copper sulfide. In a preferred embodiment, the absorber is a layer of copper sulfide and the composite layer comprises a thin layer of copper oxide formed on the copper sulfide and a layer of encapsulating glass formed on the oxide. It is anticipated that such devices, when exposed to normal operating conditions of various terrestrial applications, can be maintained at energy conversion efficiencies greater than one-half the original conversion efficiency for periods as long as thirty years.
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  1. (Newark, DE)
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University of Delaware (Newark, DE) OSTI
Patent Number(s):
US 4239553
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Contract Number:
EC-77-C-01-4042; XR-9-8063-1
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United States
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