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Title: Annular linear induction pump with an externally supported duct

Several embodiments of an annular linear induction pump for pumping liquid metals are disclosed having the features of generally one pass flow of the liquid metal through the pump and an increased efficiency resulting from the use of thin duct walls to enclose the stator. The stator components of this pump are removable for repair and replacement.
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United States of America as represented by United States (Washington, DC) OSTI
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US 4174190
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General Electric Co
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United States
annular; linear; induction; pump; externally; supported; duct; embodiments; pumping; liquid; metals; disclosed; features; pass; flow; metal; increased; efficiency; resulting; walls; enclose; stator; components; removable; repair; replacement; pumping liquid; liquid metals; linear induction; liquid metal; induction pump; duct walls; increased efficiency; externally supported; pass flow; annular linear; /417/