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Title: Ionization-chamber smoke detector system

This invention relates to an improved smoke-detection system of the ionization-chamber type. In the preferred embodiment, the system utilizes a conventional detector head comprising a measuring ionization chamber, a reference ionization chamber, and a normally non-conductive gas triode for discharging when a threshold concentration of airborne particulates is present in the measuring chamber. The improved system is designed to reduce false alarms caused by fluctuations in ambient temperature. Means are provided for periodically firing the gas discharge triode and each time recording the triggering voltage required. A computer compares each triggering voltage with its predecessor. The computer is programmed to energize an alarm if the difference between the two compared voltages is a relatively large value indicative of particulates in the measuring chamber and to disregard smaller differences typically resulting from changes in ambient temperature.
  1. (Jackson, OH)
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United States of America as represented by United States Energy (Washington, DC) OSTI
Patent Number(s):
US 3987423
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Goodyear Atomic Corp., Portsmouth, Ohio
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United States
ionization-chamber; smoke; detector; relates; improved; smoke-detection; type; preferred; embodiment; utilizes; conventional; head; comprising; measuring; ionization; chamber; reference; normally; non-conductive; gas; triode; discharging; threshold; concentration; airborne; particulates; designed; reduce; false; alarms; caused; fluctuations; ambient; temperature; means; provided; periodically; firing; discharge; time; recording; triggering; voltage; required; computer; compares; predecessor; programmed; energize; alarm; difference; compared; voltages; relatively; value; indicative; disregard; differences; typically; resulting; changes; measuring chamber; false alarms; preferred embodiment; ambient temperature; ionization chamber; gas discharge; detector head; reduce false; voltage required; measuring ionization; airborne particulate; airborne particulates; head comprising; improved smoke-detection; conventional detector; conductive gas; ionization-chamber type; /250/340/700/

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