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Title: Thick crystalline films on foreign substrates

To achieve a uniform texture, large crystalline grains or, in some cases, a single crystalline orientation in a thick (>1 [mu]m) film on a foreign substrate, the film is formed so as to be thin (<1 [mu]m) in a certain section. Zone-melting recrystallization is initiated in the thin section and then extended into the thick section. The method may employ planar constriction patterns of orientation filter patterns. 2 figs.
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Massachusetts Inst. of Tech., Cambridge, MA (United States) CHO; EDB-94-123912
Patent Number(s):
US 4576676; A
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PPN: US 6-497620
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Patent File Date: 24 May 1983
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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United States
36 MATERIALS SCIENCE; FILMS; FABRICATION; RECRYSTALLIZATION; GRAIN ORIENTATION; GRAIN SIZE; MICROSTRUCTURE; ORIENTATION; SIZE; 360101* - Metals & Alloys- Preparation & Fabrication; 360201 - Ceramics, Cermets, & Refractories- Preparation & Fabrication; 360601 - Other Materials- Preparation & Manufacture; 360102 - Metals & Alloys- Structure & Phase Studies; 360202 - Ceramics, Cermets, & Refractories- Structure & Phase Studies; 360602 - Other Materials- Structure & Phase Studies