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Title: Microwave plasma assisted supersonic gas jet deposition of thin film materials

An apparatus for fabricating thin film materials utilizing high speed gas dynamics relies on supersonic free jets of carrier gas to transport depositing vapor species generated in a microwave discharge to the surface of a prepared substrate where the vapor deposits to form a thin film. The present invention generates high rates of deposition and thin films of unforeseen high quality at low temperatures. 5 figures.
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Jet Process Corp., New Haven, CT (United States) PTO; EDB-94-045757
Patent Number(s):
US 5256205; A
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PPN: US 7-817518
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Patent File Date: 7 Jan 1992
Country of Publication:
United States
36 MATERIALS SCIENCE; THIN FILMS; PHYSICAL VAPOR DEPOSITION; MICROWAVE RADIATION; PERFORMANCE; VAPOR DEPOSITED COATINGS; COATINGS; DEPOSITION; ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION; FILMS; RADIATIONS; SURFACE COATING; 360101* - Metals & Alloys- Preparation & Fabrication; 360201 - Ceramics, Cermets, & Refractories- Preparation & Fabrication; 360601 - Other Materials- Preparation & Manufacture